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Stephanie Raper
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Alright, Who Done It?

Students in Mrs. Shann Worsham’s Comp II class at Grenada High School learned to find out just “who done it” as they conducted a murder mystery investigation. Students studied proper investigation and interview techniques, then put them into play as they solved the mystery of the murder.

One class investigated a murder that occurred aboard the cruise ship The Tempter, while the other murder took place during a wedding at Mustard Mansion.

Students dug deep into research as they analyzed the information gained during their interviews. After gathering their information, they formulated arguments based on evidence discovered and logic.

Murder Mystery Crew

This final exam culminated these important skills in a fun, real world-based experience. Students wrote and submitted a paper with a well-thought out argument of their opinion on exactly “Who done it” as part of the exam process.

To accommodate pandemic statutes, students used an interview process based on a “speed dating” set up. Students were paired at an acceptable social distance; they then rotated partners periodically to allow interview access to all suspects.

Grenada High School students in Mrs. Shann Worsham’s Comp II class pose for a lineup as suspects in a crime. Students posed as crew and travelers on the cruise ship The Tempter, while conducting a murder mystery investigation. The investigation required in-depth research and interviews of the suspects.