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Christmas Activities

Twas weeks before Christmas at ole GSD
Everyone is busy including me!

Papers to grade and exams to make out;
sometimes it makes you just want to shout!

When will it end? Well, the end is in sight;
Christmas break comes in just a few nights!

Two weeks of no classes; the students, they cheered!
We thought Christmas break would never get here!

 Students and staff and teachers alike
are waiting anxiously for that last school night.

Studying and teaching and grading and such,
sometimes it can seem like a little too much!

The break couldn’t come at a better time
because everyone here is beginning to whine.

Three days of exams are about to begin
I hope they’ve all studied, and not followed their whims…

Santa is watching – he sees what you do;
so you better study hard to make an “A” or two!

Grades will be entered during Christmas time.
Report cards are issued on January 9.

Enjoy the holiday with family and friends
Come back to school with a will to win!

For our students’ success is at the top of our list
We don’t want to see even one of them missed.

From our school to your home, we wish you the best
Now have a great time and get some rest!
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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor