Cheer On!

The sport of cheerleading has changed over the years, and yes, it is truly a sport -complete with team tryouts and competitions.  No longer are cheerleaders strictly a support group for other teams; they are athletes in their own right.

According to Shann Worsham, Grenada High School Varsity Cheerleading Sponsor; Tonia Bailey, GHS Freshman Cheer Sponsor; and Renee Branson, GMS Cheer Sponsor; the GHS cheerleading program is striving to become more involved in cheer competitions.  Many GSD students are serious gymnasts looking for a place to showcase their talents.  This, along with the fact that not all cheerleaders want to compete, has led the cheerleading program to establish two separate GHS cheer squads – a varsity squad that cheers at games and pep rallies and a separate competition squad.

Students who desire to cheer for GHS must try out for a spot on the team or teams of their choice, but the competition team requires more strenuous gymnastic stunts than the varsity team.  The more strenuous requirements also make cheerleading more attractive to male participants, whose strength is an asset in the competitive world.  Competition team members must be able to perform a standing back handspring as well as a back tuck.  Varsity team members must only be able to perform a round-off toe touch.   Freshmen cheerleaders are also eligible to try out for the competitive team as the GHS Freshman cheer squad does not compete as a team.  Tryouts for the 2012 – 2013 GHS cheer teams will be held the week after Spring Break.  Practices for the upcoming seasons will begin immediately after the teams have been chosen. 

Members of the 2011-2012 GHS Varsity Cheerleaders are:  (* denotes membership on the competition team as well) Moniquis Baker, Erin Beck, *Breanna Bess, *Abbie Branson, *Daulton Byars(Co-Captain), *Randi Daniels, Emily Davis, *Ashlyn Doss; *Neil Garner, *Claire Grass, *Bridget Hancock, *Jessica Hood(Captain), *Devin Howard, *Ashley King, *Staci Knight, *Laynee Marchant, Dru McCord, *Macey McDaniel, *Kristian Oliver, *Peyton Phelon, *Corey Slade, *Ashley Topps, *Reagan Williams, and *Jerry Clark(Mascot).  Freshmen members of the competition squad include Lauren Harbin, Peyton Lee, and Emily Lamkin.

The cheer program at GHS is self-sufficient, receiving no sponsorship money from the district.  All costs incurred by the members, including mandatory cheer camp and uniforms, are paid for by fundraising efforts and the cheerleaders themselves.  One of the main fundraisers held by the GHS Cheerleaders is the upcoming Little Miss Spirit Pageant.  The pageant, scheduled for Saturday, January 21, 2012, at 10:00a.m., is open to all girls in grades K-5 who attend school in the Grenada School District.  A winner and three alternates will be named in three divisions:  Mini Miss Spirit – Grades K-1; Little Miss Spirit – Grades 2-3; and Junior Miss Spirit – Grades 4-5.  For more information on pageant participation, please contact Shann Worsham at Grenada High School.  Make plans to come and support the contestants and the GHS Cheerleaders at the Little Miss Spirit pageant!

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Stephanie Raper
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