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Air Rifle Meet

The cadets of the Grenada High School Naval National Defense Cadet Corps JROTC Air Rifle Team recently participated in their first out-of-town air rifle meet. The meet, the Junior Olympic 3Par State Championships Match Program, took place at South Panola High School in Batesville, Mississippi on Saturday, March 4, 2017. GHS Cadets Ca'Tarrus Black, (the unit's Commanding Officer), Nory Lorenzo, Liam Thayer (the unit's Air Rifle Captain), Connor Burchfield, Carnell Farmer, Johnathan Rice, James Tuberville, and Jacob Armstrong, all competed. Cadets pitted their skills against air rifle teams from all across the state of Mississippi.

Air Rifle Practice

The championship marked the first time the cadets competed in an on-site air rifle meet. Previously, the cadets have competed only in postals, a meet where cadets shoot their targets on campus, then mail them in to be scored by the unit sponsoring the meet. Since this was the cadets' first time actually competing in a live event, a learning curve factored into the experience.

Although the team did not place in the competition, the cadets left with experience to apply at other events in the future. The unit presently practices and competes with older-model air rifles, but they are anxiously awaiting approval to purchase new rifles and equipment through a possible grant from the National Rifle Association (NRA). The team plans to continue practicing in order to raise their marksmanship to the next level during the next school year.