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School Begins 2013

Teachers and administrators returned to work full time on Monday, preparing for the arrival of students on Thursday, August 8, 2013.  Many Grenada School District employees enjoyed time with family and friends over the summer, while others furthered their education or continued to work during the break.  Teachers and administrators are required to renew their licenses periodically and must do so by completing new degrees or Continuing Education Units.  Learning never ceases for educators; we are the poster-children for life-long students!

Now that the new school year is underway, faculty and staff look forward to the return of the students.  After the summer break, students should be refreshed and ready to tackle the new subjects and tasks at hand.  Making these tasks easier this year is the new backpack rule at GSD that allows students to carry clear or mesh backpacks on campus.  Students should also remember to adhere to the Dress Code set forth by the GSD School Board.  This will be enforced on the first day of school, August 8, 2013. 

Students at the various schools should plan their first few days of school carefully.  Take advantage of “Meet the Teacher” day and learn your way around.  Make sure you have pencils, pens, and paper available during these first few days.  Many teachers will require students to complete activities or fill out questionnaires during these times.  Parents of younger students should plan to be early to avoid traffic jams and parking problemson the first few days.  GHS students and parents should also try to allow extra time before school for unavoidable delays. 

Vivian Simmons, Grenada Elementary School Principal, gave this advice to parents of K-3 students, “Parents may walk their child to the classroom on Thursday and Friday, August 8-9. Beginning Monday, July 12, parents that drive their children to school are asked to drive through the circle to drop them off.  School personnel will be on duty to help children out of the cars and down the halls to the classroom.  To ease the anxiety of separation for children, parents should be positive and reassuring.”

Students at Grenada High School picked up their new class schedules last week.  Students who were unable to pick up their schedules may retrieve them from their first period teachers on the first day of school - August 8, 2013.  Principal Jerry Williams stated that lists will be posted outside GHS so that these students can find their first period teacher’s name.  Lists will be formatted alphabetically by last name and divided by grade. 

Students and parents of all GSD schools may contact the school offices at their respective schools with any questions they may have about the first few days of the new year.  Grenada School District wishes all students, faculty and staff a wonderful 2013 – 2014 school year.

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