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Stephanie Raper
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Beauty Revue

Satin and sparkles, bowties and boutonnieres, high heels, crowns, and roses – the things little girl's dreams are made of… This Thursday, October 27, those dreams will become reality on the stage of the Grenada High School Auditorium. What's the occasion? Why, it's the annual GHS Beauty Revue, of course!

Thirty-six ninth through twelfth grade contestants will vie for the title of GHS Most Beautiful at 6:00p.m. Participants will compete individually in evening gown modeling, then return to the stage in small groups for quarter-turns. Quarter-turns allows the judges a 360-degree look at the contestants as well as their evening gowns. After every competitor has completed individual modeling and quarter-turns, the entire group of contestants will return to the stage to allow the judges one final look. The judges, who have scored each girl individually, will adjust their score sheets and hand them over to the tabulator for calculation of the final results. The top ten winners will be recognized, followed by the top five alternates and GHS Most Beautiful.

While the tabulator determines the top scoring contestants, the students selected as Grenada High School Handsomes will take the stage. This is always one of the highlights of the night, as the young men entertain the audience. Comedic biographies are read by the emcee and the Handsomes play up the part, leading to much laughter and applause. These six young men were elected by the school body during a nomination and voting process. The young man with highest number of votes will be crowned GHS Most Handsome 2017. The Handsomes will not know the overall winner until pageant night. These gentlemen play another important role in the pageant as they escort the GHS Most Beautiful contestants onstage.

Much preparation has gone into creating a pageant that offers an entertaining and enjoyable evening for contestants and audience members alike. The GHS Annual Staff has worked diligently creating decorations, formatting the script and programs, and overseeing the election of the GHS Handsomes. Their hard work and dedication help ensure a smoothly run event each year. Annual Staff members are Anna Hayden Hayward, Editor; Chelsey Flynn, Editor; Katelin Hayward, Editor; Brianna Barton, Adison Bell, Jada Bridges, Savannah Burnett, Sharon Henderson, Danielle Robinson, and Melissa Wiggins. Thanks, ladies, for all your hard work!

The pageant is open to the public. Amazing entertainment will be provided by several Visons'Showchoir members and GHS alumnus Shane Harbin on keyboard. Tickets are $5.00 at the door. Doors will open at 5:30p.m., October 27; the pageant begins at 6:00p.m. Come join us for enjoy an evening of beauties, beaus, and entertainment!