Beauty Revue 2013

Beauties, beaus and baby ballerinas graced the stage last week as the Grenada High School yearbook staff hosted the annual GHS Beauty Revue. In keeping with the theme of “The Enchanted Forest”, the GHS Auditorium burst to life with gold, silver, and white trees; ferns, animal statues, and hundreds of twinkling lights. The stage was set for an evening of enchanting entertainment.

Thirty-eight contestants graced the dais, vying for the title of GHS Most Beautiful. The program began with the Parade of Beauties, led off by four tiny fairy ballerinas - Kate Cobb, A Mariya Cross, Kailey Cross, and Mary Taylour Wilbourn. The parade, set to Katy Perry’s “Roar”, primed the audience for the night’s contest.
Competition was intense as each contestant shone with her own special sparkle. Each beauty modeled individually then returned to the stage with her group for quarter-turns. This phase allows the judges to evaluate the girls both independently and beside the competition. The judges, Natalie McLellan, Judy Pickering, and Coriss Watson, deliberated carefully as they scored each girl in the categories of Beauty, Poise, and Dress.

After all the competitors had completed the modeling phase, the Grenada High School Handsomes strutted their stuff on stage as scores for the beauties were tallied. The six Handsomes were elected by the GHS student body, with the top scorer named Most Handsome. The Handsomes included Genardveous Avery, Most Handsome; Ethan Burke, Handsome; Nathan Evans, Handsome; Will Goff, Handsome; Tyrin Jones, Handsome; and Dillan Hill, Handsome. The boys provided some laughs as they were asked (without warning) to complete quarter-turns just like their female counterparts. Hilarity ensued, and a good time was had by all.

After the scores were tallied for the 38 contestants, the Top 15 were announced, followed by awards for First through Fifth Alternate and GHS Most Beautiful. The winners included: Top 15 (alphabetically): Kyndale Baker, Erin Beck, Hannah Brasher, Rachel Braswell, Olivia Burnes, Carley Caulder, Ashlyn Doss, Allyn Flautt, Jaliyah Hardiman, Jordan Lea, Tori Montgomery, Kristian Oliver, Sydney Reid, Kayla Sessum, and Grace Worthy. The five alternates included: Carley Caulder, Fifth Alternate; Hannah Brasher, Fourth Alternate; Allyn Flautt, Third Alternate; Jordan Lee, Second Alternate; and Grace Worthy, First Alternate. The 2013-2014 Grenada High School Most Beautiful was Ashlyn Doss. Congratulations to these beauties!

Thanks to the Grenada High School yearbook staff for their hard work decorating and planning this event. Thanks also to Mistress of Ceremonies Melinda Barnes, Tabulator Laura Barfield, and Amber Harrison, Ann Hart Hames, and Laigon Conley for their help coordinating behind the scenes. The GHS yearbook staff would also like to thank Flowers on the Square, Tassin Jewelers, and Universal Trophies and Gifts for their generous contributions to our pageant. A special thanks to Mr. Fred Taylor and Matthew Murphy for their help with set construction.
Photo of Stephanie RaperStephanie Raper
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