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Grenada High School Beauty Revue

Sequins and satin, lipstick and high heels, boutonnieres and bowties…  What do all these items have in common?   They’re all items you will see at the annual Grenada High School Beauty Revue! 

Each year, the annual beauty revue showcases the lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen who attend Grenada High School, and this year is no exception.  A total of 48 beauties will vie for the title this Thursday, November 13, 2014, on the stage of the GHS Auditorium.  Six handsome young men, voted on by the entire student body of GHS, will also shine on stage as they escort the young ladies.  One of these six young men will be announced as the winner of GHS Most Handsome during the pageant.  Don’t miss these young men as they strut their stuff on stage.  It’s always a memorable event!

The annual GHS Beauty Revue does not appear overnight; planning starts months ahead.  The event, a fundraiser for the GHS Annual Staff, involves the efforts of not only the staff members, but other generous teachers, community members, and local businesses.  The first step in the planning process is to brainstorm for a theme.  Every great event needs a theme to build upon, and this event is no exception.  This year’s theme is “The Enchanted Forest”.  Once the theme has been developed, decorations and set design must be planned.  Any maintenance on props (stairs, risers, etc.), also needs to happen at least a week prior to the show.   Nominations and elections for the GHS Handsomes are held approximately three weeks prior to the event.  Once the Handsomes have been elected and the final contestant entry forms have been turned in, it’s time to organize the contestants on the stage. 

Placing 48 girls on stage is no easy feat.  The girls must be issued a number for the lineup, and then placed strategically so they can complete the Parade of Beauties with the contestant whose number corresponds with theirs.  Following the Parade of Beauties, the Handsomes escort each contestant as they model individually on stage.  After each group of ten contestants has individually modeled; that group of ten returns to the stage for quarter turns.  This allows the judges one more look at the contestants from every angle.  It also allows the judges to compare the girls to the competition. 

After every contestant has walked the stage, the tabulator will tally the judges’ scores to determine the winner. During this time, the Handsomes grace the stage and show their personalities for the enjoyment of the audience.  After all the Handsomes have performed, the winner of GHS Most Handsome is announced. 

Each year, the reigning GHS Most Beautiful from the previous school year is recognized.  She has the honor of placing the crown on the new Most Beautiful.  Following the Handsomes’ performance and the recognition of the reigning GHS Most Beautiful, the winners of the current night’s event are announced.   At GHS, the top 15 beauties are recognized, followed by the announcement of the five Alternates.  To culminate the event, the contestant with the highest total score is deemed GHS Most Beautiful! 

Good luck to all the contestants as they compete on Thursday.  Thank you to everyone who helped or contributed to the pageant including Flowers on the Square, Tassin’s, Jewelers, Universal Trophies and Awards, Mrs. Chantel Chandler, Ms. Anne Hart Hames, Ms. Amber Harrison, Ms. Janie Logan, and Ms. Jenni Winter.  Thanks also to the members of Visions’ Showchoir who provide entertainment for the event.  Pageant time is 6:00p.m., Thursday, November 13, 2014.  Doors will open at 5:15p.m. Admission is $5.00.  Come join us as we celebrate the lovely ladies and handsome gentlemen of Grenada High School. 
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Stephanie Raper
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