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Beauty Revue No Small Event

The Grenada High School Annual Staff has begun preparations for the annual GHS Beauty Revue.  The event, a fundraiser for the annual staff, features girls in grades 9 – 12 and is scheduled for November 3, 2011, at 6:00p.m., in the Grenada High School Auditorium.  Last year’s event showcased 60 of Grenada High’s most beautiful young ladies. Much planning, effort, and thought goes into the annual pageant at GHS.  Organizing that many high school girls in evening dresses on one stage is quite a feat!  Placement of the group as a whole on the stage is a big issue, as the girls need to be viewed by the judges as a group.   Pageant judges prefer to see contestants both individually and together to narrow down their decision.  Girls are presented on stage at the beginning of the pageant as a group to give the judges a first look at the contestants.  At this time, judges look for girls who stand out from the crowd. 

Individual modeling also plays a large role in the judges’ decision.   After the group presentation, girls model individually while judges listen to a short biography about the contestant.  Girls are escorted to the stage by one of the Handsomes and execute three turns at different points on the stage.  The individual modeling and turns allow the judges to evaluate the participant’s beauty, her poise, and her evening gown.  The dress plays no small part in the judging process as judges consider several of its aspects.  Does it fit well?   Is it appropriate for the age of the contestant?  Does it complement the person wearing it?  Many factors enter into the judges’ decision while ranking contestants.

While most consider a beauty pageant for girls only, the Grenada High School Beauty Revue doesn’t just showcase the girls!  Five Handsomes and Grenada High School’s Most Handsome also participate in the pageant.  Handsomes are elected by the student body at GHS.  A nomination round is held, where senior boys are nominated by the senior class only.  Six nominees are named by each senior English class.  Once the nominees have been determined, the entire student body votes.  Each student chooses one name from the nominee list for Most Handsome.  These votes are tallied and the nominee with the largest overall vote is named Most Handsome.  The next five nominees with the highest totals are named GHS Handsomes.  The name of GHS Most Handsome is not announced until the night of the GHS Beauty Revue; the six boys only know that they were chosen as the top six Handomes. 

Handsomes have the best of both worlds at the pageant.  There is no pressure as the election has already been held, they get to strut their stuff on stage in front of friends and family, and they get to spend an evening close to the loveliest girls in the school!  However, I can tell you that many of the Handsomes are nervous about their part in the event.  I usually stand behind the curtain with the Handsomes during the pageant, making sure that they step out with their partner at the correct time and that no one goes unescorted.  It is quite entertaining to see these young men in tuxes sweating it out back stage!  I must say that even in the face of nervousness, they have always done an excellent job of helping the girls present themselves beautifully. 

Many people help with the pageant each year and the annual staff is grateful to every one of them.  Special thanks this year goes to Ms. Denise Harris, Ms. Anne Hames, Mrs. Amber Rawson, and Mrs. Jessica Simpson for their continued support each year.   Save the date, November 3, 2011, for the Grenada High School Beauty Revue and join us for an evening of pageantry and tradition.
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Stephanie Raper
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