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  Yearbook Staff Completes Annual

The Grenada High School yearbook staff breathed a sigh of relief last week (and so did I) as the final pages of the 2014-2015 Charger yearbook were published. After losing several days close to the final deadline due to snow, we were behind schedule and had to work frantically to finish. The yearbook is quite an undertaking – probably the largest and longest group project staff members will ever complete during their high school years (it could possibly be the largest collaborative project that any students complete while in high school). Many variables come together in the production of a yearbook besides the blatantly obvious ones like theme, colors, and font styles. Personalities, weather (we learned this one particularly well this year), and opinions (everyone has one, didn’t you know?) all play a major role in its development.

The combination of 11 female staff members, 1 male staff member, and 1 adult advisor create opportunities for some interesting conversations and compromises during the development and production phase. This is where all those personalities and opinions weigh in. The vision one member sees for the yearbook may not exactly match that of the other 11 (or 12 if you count the advisor) members! If a staff member doesn’t know how to defend and argue for his or her ideas at the beginning of the year, they either gain those abilities quickly or see their ideas get squashed. Skills of cooperation, leadership, persuasion, and compromise are honed in the annual staff classroom.

The weather this year has interfered with deadlines more than any year I can remember as an advisor. Event pictures were delayed due to rain cancellations, and snow days affected page creation just because no one could access the pictures we had from their home! Even though our yearbook is created and produced entirely online (this means staff members can access the site anywhere the internet is available), pictures used in the book must first be uploaded to that site in order to be used. These pictures are initially uploaded directly from the cameras to computers in the staff room. Due to storage constraints on the creation website, only the actual pictures to be used in the book are uploaded to the site. So if you didn’t select and upload the pictures you needed prior to the snow day, you weren’t able to access them from home!

As pages are completed, they must be proofed by the person who created the page, then by an editor, then by the advisor. A three-part check system helps ensure a yearbook that is as error-free as possible. Unfortunately, errors are occasionally missed, and we sincerely regret them. We strive for perfection, but it can be elusive…

I am extremely thankful for my staff this year. They have stepped up to the plate, done the work, and produced a great product. Many hours have been spent photographing events, selling ads, and creating pages. The year began with more new members than I have ever had, but they worked hard, learned new skills, and new leaders have emerged. They have created an exciting collection of memories for the students of GHS and for themselves; one that will be treasured forever. Thank you for all your hard work. Thanks also to all the businesses and parents that support the Grenada High School yearbook staff by purchasing ads and yearbooks. Without your commitment to our school, there would be no yearbook of memories for the students of GHS to thumb through in the future as they recall this special time in their lives.

Staff members for the 2014-2015 school year are Brittany Bess and Taylor Vance, Editors; Kristian Alexander, Hannah Cadena, Kaylee Clanton, Macie Craddock, Chelsey Flynn, Anna Hayward, Chasity Jackson, Kiandra Kendrick, Melissa Sones, and. Karli Tribble, If you missed the opportunity to purchase a GHS Charger yearbook this year, extras will be available for sale after pre-purchased yearbooks have been received.
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