Academic Teams Competition

In recent weeks, while many Grenada High School students (and teachers too) were dreaming of Spring Break, other students were busy preparing for academic competitions.  These groups, the Academic Team, Mu Alpha Theta, and the newly organized Mathletes, have been exercising their brains and traveling throughout the state to prove their academic prowess against other Mississippi schools.  

Team members and sponsors have traveled to six different competitions already this year with plans to attend more.   Sponsors Laura Barfield and Bonnie Keene hold meetings before and after school with these mental athletes to help them prepare to battle with their brains.  Many team members are experiencing their first competitions this year, and nerves have been high, but with the help of seasoned members from past years, GHS has placed in several competitions and some students have even earned highly coveted scholarships.

Recent competitions include:

Math and Science Tournament at Mississippi College – Mu Alpha Theta members Daulton Byars, Kaitlyn Junkin, Bryant Poe, Jacob Simmons, Dhruvin Patel, Devin Frost, Stuart Shaw, Courtney Simmons, Jacobi Daughrity, Deidra Trotter, Sarah Kate Griffin, and Alexandra Brasher attended this competition.  Sarah Kate Griffin and Stuart Shaw placed in the top 20% in Math, while Kaitlyn Junkin placed in the top 10% in Math and top 20% in Biology.  Junkin received a $3200 scholarship while Griffin and Shaw were awarded $1200 scholarships.

Mississippi Delta Community College Academic Team Competition – Academic Team members Logan Conner, Tristan Crockett, Tarylin Elliot, and Tiara Watson traveled to Moorhead for this competition.

Holmes Community College Academic Team Competition – Daulton Byars, Dhruvin Patel, Kaitlyn Junkin, Kayleen Fly, Ariel Chavis, and Jarvis Benson competed for GHS at this event.

Delta State University – Mu Alpha Theta members Kaitlyn Junkin, Alexandra Brasher, Dhruvin Patel, Sarah Kate Griffin, Daulton Byars, Stuart Shaw, Kayleen Fly, and Lauren Simpson fielded the  GHS team in Cleveland.  The team placed 8th overall.  Sarah Kate Griffin and Kaitlyn Junkin placed in the top 15% and Stuart Shaw and Lauren Simpson placed in the top 20% in individual competition.  Kaitlyn Junkin, Dhruvin Patel, Alexandra Brasher, and Daulton Byars placed in the top 20% in Team Ciphering competition.

Mississippi School of Mathematics and Science Math Tournament – Corey Slade, Kevin Coker, Cassi Brown and Clay Nelms placed 10th overall in Geometry.  Stuart Shaw, Ariel Chavis, Paige Porter , and John Austin Cook placed 3rd overall in the Potpourri Division. (This division poses mathematical questions involving the use of logic.  Team members work together to develop the answer.) Courtney Simmons, Amber Wilson, Nytarica Braxton, Tykia Joseph, Corey Slade, Kevin coker, Sharnel Bowdry, Dhruvin Patel, Clay Nelms, and Cassi Brown finished 9th in the Interschool Competition.  Mary Courtney Self, Michael Rideout, Fadarious Woods, and Kayleen Fly also attended the tournament to compete.

The next competition is scheduled for April 7 – 8, when Mu Alpha Theta will travel to Clinton to participate in the State Mu Alpha Theta Competition.  Team members attending this two-day event are Kaitlin Junkin, Ariel Chavis, Daulton Byars, Dhruvin Patel, Sarah Kate Griffin, Cassi Brown, Gary Wayne Smith, Corey Slade, Mitchell Sones, Alexandra Brasher, Kayleen Fly, Tykia Joseph, Sharnell Bowdry, Lauren Simpson, Devin Frost, Bryant Poe, Jacob Simmons, Amber Wilson, Jarvis Benson, Stuart Shaw, Sydney Reid, Sydney Taylor, John Austin Cook, Paige Porter, Will Goff, Clay Nelms, Paras Suhko, Abbie Branson, Kayla Hamann, Kasia Hayes, and Cody Upchurch. 

Congratulations to all team members!  Thanks for representing Grenada High School so exceptionally!

photo of Stephanie RaperStephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor