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Academic Banquet

Each spring, the Grenada School District holds numerous ceremonies to acknowledge students for a variety of accomplishments.  These ceremonies range from sports awards to academic merit and anything in between.  Students who excel in these categories receive the recognition they deserve for their achievements.  Tonight, Grenada High School honors the students who excelled academically this year. 

            The students’ names with the highest average for the year are turned in by teachers for each subject that they teach.  Ties are broken by breaking down the grades into the hundredths and even thousandths.  Each and every point counts! 

            Once the names have been turned in, counselors at GHS double-check the results for accuracy.  Students are given a letter of invitation informing them that they will receive an award at the upcoming ceremony. 

            On the big night, students are given seats of honor on the GHS Auditorium stage with proud parents, family members, teachers, and administrators in attendance.  Students are called individually to the front where they receive medals and certificates for their particular class.  After each student has been recognized, all in attendance are invited to the GHS cafeteria for snacks and personal congratulations. 

            Students receiving awards tonight include:   Tristan Anthony, Demarcus Armstrong, Ashley Bacon, Sunny Bailey, Crystal Baker, Erin Beck, Christopher Bew, Keoki Blackledge, Haley Boatman, Jamriel Bowdry, Aja Bradley, Hannah Brasher, Madison Brewer, Brianna Brooks, Alaina Burt, Briannia Byford, Cody           Cahill, Jacob Carson, Roy Chamberlain, Maggie Choate, Nicholas Conley, John Austin Cook, Ashley Duke, Cameron Dunn, Tarilyn Elliott, Tytiana Fair, Allyn Flautt, Akeelein Forrest, Taylor Garlington, Emma Kate Gibson, Leandrea Griffin, Sarah Kate Griffin, Lauren Harbin, Nyesha Harvey, Anna Hayward, Emily Holley, Braylaun Horton, Austin Hunt, Haley Hudson, Adriana Jones, Rachel Kane, Ashley Kellum, Joshua Lee, Christin Lofton, Courtney Mack, Madison Marberry, Sarah Mawk, Cornelius Mayfield, Michael McCalop, Hannah McCurdy, John Michael McDaniel, Allie Miller, Sheldon Moore, River Mullen, Matthew Murphy, Matthew O’Brien, Kimberly Parker, Leah Pettit, Kendall Preston, Samuel  Pullen, Ladarion Purnell, Hope Rainey, Trevarius Reece, Sloane Reid, Sydney Reid, Anderson Roberts, Elijah Robinson, Myiesha Robinson, Mylekia Robinson, Keara Rogers, Javaris Russell, Carter Rutledge, Kyle Savage, J. Austin Simmons, Lauren Simpson, Mitchell Sones, Lekendra Stewart, Natalie Strong, Randi Taylor, Dylan Teas, Savana Thomas, Blake Tilghman, Selena Trotter, Cole Austin Turner, Megan Vining, Tiara Watson, Cheyenne Whitaker, Irish Whitaker, Marshall Wicker, Devarious Wilborn, Nakemya Williams, Chris Wilson, Michael Wilson, Nason Wise, Austin Woodall, Hayden Wooldridge, Dustin Wright, Cheryl Zupkie. 

Congratulations to all these students on their academic achievements!
photo of Stephanie Raper

Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor