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Stephanie Raper
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National Honor Society Conference

Leadership, college preparation, and school spirit topped the list of subjects covered during the recent LEAD (Leadership Experience and Development) Conference held in Washington, D.C. Several Grenada High School National Honor Society officers and sponsors attended the conference to gain perspective and insight to share with their peers.

National Honor Society Officers in Washington

Officers Sydney Cox, A.J. Forrest, Sloane Reid, and Dylan Teas traveled with sponsors Tracy Aldridge, Chantel Chandler, and Laigan Conley to the important event. Schools from 37 states, Canada, Guam, China, Honduras, Thailand, El Salvador, and Puerto Rico were in attendance at the event as well. While there, students attended sessions such as “Energizing Leadership”, “Leadership Is Simple, but It’s Not Always Easy”, and “Finding Your Voice.” Students also took away information about tools for combatting prejudice, bullying, drugs, alcohol, and depression; project planning; fundraising ideas; and team building skills. Sponsors attended sessions on idea sharing and networking, managing student activities, and new fundraising ideas. Sponsors and students both enjoyed programs conducted by motivational speakers during the conference.

The trip was not all work and no play, however, as students and sponsors made the most of their time in our nation’s capital by visiting several landmarks and museums. The Smithsonian Air and Space Museum was at the top of the tour list as well as the Capital Building. While touring the Capital, GHS conference attendees were treated to an excursion into the House of Representatives Gallery.

The National Honor Society officers and sponsors returned from the capital with a wealth of knowledge and a renewed desire to motivate and encourage others. Sloane Reid, NHS Vice President, stated, “Overall, my experience in D.C. was phenomenal. I had no idea how much learning and laughing would occur! The conference was unlike any one I had ever attended. The speakers stressed the importance of conversation and first impressions. Part of being a leader is being able to step out of your comfort zone and get to know people, because one conversation could change your life.”

A.J. Forrest, NHS Recorder, appreciated the time spent with other conference attendees, “I loved every moment of my weekend in Washington at the LEAD Conference. I enjoyed many networking opportunities, and I gained valuable skills from the speakers and workshops.”

NHS Treasurer, Sidney Cox relished her time in D.C., “I was amazed at all the monuments and architecture. I learned many different ways to use our National Honor Society membership to bring GHS together by going to the seminars offered at the LEAD Conference.”

Also impressed by the conference, Dylan Teas, NHS President, commented, “I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Washington, D.C., LEAD conference. There were several influential speakers who had great words of wisdom to impart. With over 1000 students at the conference, there were also various opportunities for networking among other like-minded students. The conference was electric, and I believe it impacted the four of us that attended.”

The GHS students and sponsors look forward to sharing their experiences and new-found knowledge with other National Honor Society members and GHS students. .