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Mississippi Exhibit in Kidzeum

Did you know that in December the state of Mississippi will celebrate its 200th anniversary? In The Kidzeum at Grenada Elementary School, the 2017 exhibit titled, "Go, Mississippi!" kicks off the anniversary celebration a few months early! This exhibit, which runs through April 17th, guides students through hands-on activities as they "visit" each region of the Magnolia state.

During their first visit to the Mississippi exhibit, the students at GES explore the diverse regions of our state. In the Hills' region, the students become Junior Archeologists and participate in an "archeological dig". During the dig, students discover artifacts that might be found within a Native American Indian mound in Mississippi. In the Capital/River region, the children learn about the Mississippi River and our state symbols. The Pine region includes a "touch, but don't look" box with items native to this area of our state. While "touring" the Coastal region, students measure their "catch of the day" from a fishing excursion. The Delta region provides students an entertaining, game-based opportunity to identify products made from soy beans or cotton that are normally grown in this area.

Kidzeum exhibit

The second visit allows children to investigate the commodities grown, produced, or raised in our bountiful state. One part of the exhibit focuses on the dairy industry. In this section children ascertain how food and other items used daily in their homes actually make the journey from the farm or place of their origin to the store where they are purchased. Also in the dairy industry, the children experience milking a cow on two life-size milkable cows on loan from Mississippi Farm Bureau. This is an eye-opening experience for many children who never really considered where the milk they drink each day actually originates! In the Kidzeum grocery store, children shop for items grown, raised, and produced in Mississippi to create a Mississippi Picnic.

As a culmination to this exhibit, students enjoy music from Mississippi and determine how different Rock and Roll sounds (Elvis) compare to The Blues (BB King). While they enjoy the sweet sounds of Mississippi music, they also sample sweets (sweet potato fudge) made from sweet potatoes grown in our great state. Thanks to Mississippi-based "The Sweetpotato Sweets" factory, in Vardaman, Mississippi for providing this unique delicacy!

A distinctive display also showcased in this exhibit contains a collection of Mississippi Choctaw baskets, on loan from Mrs. Marie Davis. A former Grenada Public School employee, Mrs. Davis taught Home Economics in the John Rundle building for 38 years. The Kidzeum teachers have enjoyed sharing with the K-3rd grade students the history of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians who wove these baskets by hand. Students also viewed a hand-made apron, jewelry, and many newspaper clippings about how the Mississippi Choctaw live today also on loan from Mrs. Davis.