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9 Weeks Tests

Sometimes the school year seems to pass by like a fast moving hurricane, and this year is no exception. There's certainly been plenty of rain, and the days are flying by like debris in the wind. Students who aren't prepared run the risk of falling behind or drowning in upcoming project deadlines, assignments, and test schedules.

Success in school requires both attendance and attention. Students who attend school regularly are more likely to succeed in their classes than those who are absent several times per month. While missing an hour or two for an appointment may seem inconsequential, these absences can add up. Students in high school attend each class for a 50 minute period. That hour lost can cause a student to completely miss an entire class period. That one hour can also affect students in lower grades as well. Even though they may not physically change classes, students miss important information during the time they were absent.

While students may be present in body, their attention may wander at times. Hard to believe, right? Many things can cause inattention, but the main ones are lack of sleep, hunger, or concern about events both inside and outside of school. Help students maintain their focus by making sure each child gets a good night's sleep and a good breakfast to start their day. A nutritious breakfast and lunch are available at each school every day. Counselors are also available for students who wish to express feelings of concern or anxiety to someone outside the home.

All of these issues can affect students' grades. Believe it or not, the first nine weeks is about to end. Nine weeks' exams begin next week, and students' knowledge will be tested. Their attendance and attention for the time period will play a huge role in their performance on these exams. Help your students succeed by ensuring their regular attendance and ability to focus during class.

Nine weeks' test schedules for each school are as follows:
● GSD Red Top – Testing dates are October 9-10; makeup October 11.
● GSD Green Top

o Tuesday, October 9 - English Language Assessment (ELA)
o Wednesday, October 19 -Writing
o Thursday, October 20 - Math
o Friday, October 21 – Science

● Grenada Middle School
o Tuesday, October 9 – Social Studies/Cyber Foundations/Computer Science/Engineering (by class period)
o Wednesday – Science (8th Grade 8:00-10:00a.m.) (6th & 7th by class period)
o Thursday – ELA (1:00-3:00p.m. entire school online)
o Friday – Math (8:00-10:00a.m. entire school online) (makeup tests after lunch)

GMS will allow exemptions for 6th and 7th grade science, 6th, 7th, and 8th Social Studies, Cyber Foundations/Computer Science and Engineering

No exemptions will be allowed for English or Math

8th grade students must take 8th grade science test.

● Grenada High School
○ Wednesday, October 10
■ 2nd Period exam (7:50 - 9:50a.m.)
■ 3rd Period (9:55-10:35a.m.)
■ 4th Period exam (10:40 - 1:00p.m.)
■ 6th Period exam (1:05 - 3:20p.m.)

○ Thursday, October 11
■ 1st Period exam (7:50-9:50a.m.)
■ 3rd Period (9:55-10:35a.m.)
■ 4th Period (10:40-12:35)
■ 5th Period Exam (12:40-2:40p.m.)
■ 7th Period (2:45-3:20p.m.)

○ Friday, October 12
■ 3rd Period exam (7:50 - 9:50a.m.)
■ 5th Period (9:55-10:35a.m.)
■ 6th Period (10:40-12:35p.m.)
■ 7th Period exam (12:40-2:40p.m.)
■ Remain in 7th Period (2:40-3:20p.m.)