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GSD Receives Second Grant for 21st Century

The Grenada School District has once again been awarded a 21st Century Grant to aid in their fight against drop-out prevention.  Entitled The Learning Quilt, this grant will enable the district to renew its after school and summer programs designed to address the dropout rate at Grenada High School.  The Grenada School District was originally awarded a 21st Century Learning Grant from November 2007 – June 2012.  The new five-year grant, which spans 2013 – 2018, covers Grenada Middle School and Grenada High School and provides $425,000.00 during the first year alone.

Dr. David Daigneault stated, “The Learning Quilt initiative will address four main goals designed to improve student achievement.  The goals include:
  1. Decrease the drop-out rate
  2. Increase student motivation
  3. Expand participation in adult education services to enable parents to enhance and support their children’s education
  4. Encourage infusion of learning objectives into real-life situations
Our teachers and staff are excited about the renewal of this innovative program and are confident of the positive outcome of our program.

Drop-out prevention has been a major focus for the Grenada School District .  Many programs designed to reach at-risk students have been put in place to encourage students to remain in school and to strive towards excellence.  The 21st Century Grant allows the district to offer academic tutoring classes designed to help students pass state-mandated subject area tests, as well as career-oriented skills classes that introduce students to skills and careers they might otherwise never learn or discover.   Skills classes offered through the grant include Podcasting, Photoshop, Building Trades, Auto Mechanics/Welding, Ceramics, Culinary Arts, and Urban Agriculture.  Teacher training and parent workshops are also provided through this important program.  Lynne Russell, Project Coordinator, stated, “If we expect students to be motivated to stay in school and to be prepared for today’s workforce, then some changes must be made that address those issues.

High Hopes partners and community members are welcome to contribute to the grant initiatives.  Contributions may consist of incentives for students to encourage attendance and completion of objectives as well as simply visiting the classrooms to share real-life work experiences with the students.  These visits and incentives may be organized through the project coordinator.

Students interested in participating in these innovative classes should inquire at Grenada High or Grenada Middle School.  They may also contact Myra Muirhead at the Parent Resource Center at (662)227-3370.   Grenada School District is excited to offer these classes again during the five-year period covered by the 21st Century Grant.  Drop-out prevention is a main focus of our district as we encourage all students to excel to the best of their abilities and complete their education.
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