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Stephanie Raper
In the Loop Editor


Christmas 2016

Only a week and a half left until Christmas Break and students and teachers are hard at work, preparing for the end of the first semester. Lower grade students have been rehearsing and performing Christmas plays, while high school and middle school students have been preparing for semester exams. Although the year is dwindling to an end, the pace is still fast and furious at Grenada School District.

The Grenada High School Annual Staff is feeling the pace of the impending holidays too as they work diligently to meet upcoming deadlines. The first page submission deadline for the staff looms on the very near horizon of December 12.

Each month beginning in December, pages are required to be submitted in order to complete the yearbook on time. Sometimes the deadlines come easily, but other times they seem unreachable. The first deadlines are the hardest as the majority of the yearbook is made up of classic "school day" pictures, clubs, and sports. Unfortunately, the photos used to immortalize these groups and events don't just automatically appear in the annual staff's cameras!

School day pictures take the photographer weeks to organize and format after they are taken so they can be flowed into the proper pages in the yearbook. Senior drape pictures can take even longer since all the senior photos are retouched. Once the pictures are formatted and returned to the staff, the photos are circulated through the teachers to verify names and faces. After the verification process, the photos are flowed into the pages and checked once again before submission.

Sports photos are slow to materialize as well. Even though some sports kickoff before the school year even begins, they don't all occur at the same time. Sports are broken down into fall sports and spring sports. Fall sports pictures come quickly, at the beginning of the year, and many of these pages are designed and completed well before the Christmas break. Spring sports, on the other hand, don't even begin until February. Since the final page submission deadline falls at the beginning of March, this doesn't allow much time for staff members to get pictures, design, and complete the pages for these important teams. After Christmas break, it's a full court press to finish photographing all the teams!

Clubs take a while to photograph as well. Since clubs meet at different times and days and sometimes even off campus, these students are hard to collect in one spot (and since most of these pictures are taken before school, it's even harder to get all those sleepy students together at one time)! Producing the yearbook requires teamwork, dedication, and many hours of work both in and out of school. One of the most important parts of a student's high school experience, the yearbook holds their memories for a lifetime. Thanks to the staff for preserving the memories of GHS each year.