2015 Teacher Academy Competition

           The Teacher Academy at Grenada High School gives students a glimpse into the world of teaching.  Students learn skills that teachers use each day in their profession.  The Teacher Academy curriculum consists of three major units:  Teachers as Professionals; Principals of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment; and The Learning Environment.
The Teacher Academy at GHS is part of the Future Educators Association (FEA).  This association is a national student organization dedicated to supporting young people interested in education-related careers. Over 10,000 students and mentor participants make up this important group.  Due to the fact that over 60% of teachers are employed within 20 miles of where they went to high school, it is in the best interest of local school districts to recruit and train the next generation of local educators.  Where better to locate teachers for your town and school than from your own community?

Allison Ashmore serves as the instructor for Grenada High School students enrolled in the Teacher Academy.  She and ten of these prospective teachers recently attended the Future Educators’ Association State Convention/Competition held in Jackson, Mississippi.  Students competed in four different categories and attended workshops.  The workshops focused on topics pertinent to today’s teens as well as topics related to the teaching profession.  Workshops were titled:  Teen Dating Violence Awareness, Highway Safety, College Exhibits, Tobacco Free, and So You Want to be a Teacher? 
Students competing at the convention and their categories were:
The Recruitment and Marketing team placed third in the state in their category.  Congratulations to this team for their hard work, and congratulations to all the members of the Teacher Academy.  Best wishes as you embark on this journey of career exploration.  The teachers and administration of GHS  hope you will continue down the educational road and choose teaching as a career.  The field of education is continually growing and requires a constant influx of new members. Remember – none of the teachers in the Grenada School District are getting any younger – our school and our future students need you! 
***Information about the Teacher Academy located at
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