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NNDCC Training Meet

  Grenada High School Navy National Defense Cadet Corps recently participated in the Warren Central Physical Training meet. Grenada cadets competed against 12 other schools with over 45 teams. They competed in several events; including 25-yard Tire Roll, 25-yard Sand Bag Carry, 25-yard Stretcher Carry, and Sit-Ups for 2 minutes. Cadets also competed in the 200-yard Relay, and a Tug-of-War.

Each school had a minimum of 3 teams: Male, Female and Mixed. Single-gender teams consisted of five cadets, while mixed teams had to have at least two females on the team. The Tug-of-War teams had to have at least two females on the team along with eight males.

The 25-yard Sand Bag Relay consisted of a 25 yard run carrying a 25 pound sand bag in each hand. The 25-yard Tire Roll consisted of rolling a tire 25 yards around a cone and back to the starting line. The 25 yard Stretcher Carry involved the cadets transporting each other on a stretcher for 25 yards, around a cone and back, then switching cadets until all cadets had been carried. For the Two-Minute Sit-Up competition, each cadet had to do as many sit-ups as possible for two minutes while going on an up/down cadence.

One of the final events was the 200-yard Relay. In this event, teams ran down the length of a football field and back. Grenada cadets won two trophies at the Warren Central meet. The female team placed sixth, and the mixed team placed third. NNDCC faces its next physical training competition at Grenada High School on the football practice field September 19, 2015. Come out and show your support for your Grenada High School NNDCC Cadets and witness some fierce competition!