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GCTC Students Tour Nissan Plant

  Approximately 30 students from the Grenada Career and Technical Center toured the Nissan Canton plant at Canton, Mississippi recently. These students, who attend either business or automotive classes at the center, are focusing on future career options by exploring choices available in our great state.

The Business and Marketing students’ Nissan experience emphasized the different methods of distribution throughout the plant as well as the job opportunities available for qualified Mississippians. Nissan offers a comprehensive benefits package that includes employee and dependent healthcare plans, retirement benefits plans, disability income protection, incentives for employee wellness, paid vacation, sick pay, 14 paid holidays, 401k employer match, tuition assistance, and onsite fitness, medical, pharmacy and banking centers.

Many different job positions are offered at the Canton facility from management and engineering to maintenance and assembly line worker. This company provides a prime employment avenue for high school and college graduates in Mississippi. The Auto II students from GCTC focused on the creation and assembly of the actual automobiles.

Business and automotive students first viewed a film that demonstrated the priming and painting of an automobile. After the film, they boarded a train that shuttled them to different areas of the plant to see the actual step-by-step assembly of the automobiles. The tour provided students with a first-hand view of how the body parts are actually stamped from huge rolls of metal then welded together. After the body parts are assembled, the unit is primed and painted then visually inspected for any flaws. After painting is complete, the auto travels to the trim and chassis section of the plant where the electrical system, frame, and drive train components are installed.

The final step in building the auto is the interior department. Students observed how doors are removed during this process to enable workers to stand upright while installing parts, thus easing any undue strain. Lift-assist devices are also utilized while installing heavy pieces to help prevent strain-related injuries.

At the end of the assembly line, after watching an automobile develop from a roll of metal to street-worthy transportation, students watched a brand new Nissan cranked for the first time and driven off the line. The process doesn’t end there though, students also learned that checking and re-checking a product for flaws is extremely important. Once the brand new auto leaves the assembly line, it is driven straight to a quality control area where it is inspected from headlight to rear bumper. After it passes a set of functionality tests developed to ensure a problem-free Nissan, the auto is taken to the test track where it is test driven and checked for rattles, squeaks, or other defects.

After the tour, students boarded buses and returned home with a new insight on jobs and employment in Mississippi. Students were accompanied by Meg Newcomb, Business and Marketing Instructor; Bonnie Brunt, GCTC Student Services Coordinator; Ricky Jones, Auto Instructor; and Mark Davis GCTC Counselor.