2015 GMS Beauty Review

A total of 93 young ladies and 10 young men from the Grenada School District recently participated in a colossal, mega-day of pageantry in the Grenada High School Auditorium.  These beauties and beaus competed for titles and tiaras in the annual Miss Spirit pageant and Grenada Middle School Beauty Reviews. 
The events, which began at 11:00 a.m. and continued into the evening, showcased students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade.  Competitors in grades K-5 participated in the Miss Spirit pageant where they vied for the titles of Mini Miss Spirit (k-1), Little Miss Spirit (2-3), and Junior Miss Spirit (4-5).  Grenada Middle School students in grades 6-8 competed in separate, grade-level pageants.
Can you imagine the work that went into the production of not one, but six, separate pageants in one day?  This amazing event was coordinated by Mrs. Rene Branson, an instructor at Grenada Middle School.  Sponsored by the GHS Freshmen Cheerleaders, the Little Miss Spirit pageant kicked off the day’s festivities.  Special thanks to all the freshmen parents and cheerleaders who assisted with the pageant!  Proceeds from Little Miss Spirit will help purchase new equipment for the cheerleaders.   The three separate Grenada Middle School Beauty Reviews were sponsored by the Grenada Middle School Cheerleaders.  Proceeds from these pageants will help purchase new mats and uniforms for the cheerleaders.  A big thank you to Universal Trophies and Awards and Pap’s restaurant for their assistance with awards and food for the judges.

Twelve total contestants competed for the title of Mini Miss Spirit.  Winners were: