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Kidzeum Recipient of
Leadership Project

The Kidzeum at Grenada Elementary School has been selected as the recipient of a 2012 Leadership Grenada Project. Thanks to the Leadership Grenada team, the children at GES will enjoy a new exhibit for the spring of 2013.
The Kidzeum Director Beth Muselwhite wrote a proposal entitled, “Go Mississippi!” that was adopted by Leadership Grenada. The proposal included plans for an exhibit all about our State of Mississippi. Muselwhite explained how the students at GES have been exposed to exhibits about countries around the world at Christmas and she would like to see the children benefit from an exhibit about the state in which they actually live and learn.

According to Muselwhite, the team asked how they could help make the exhibit happen for our students. After the team drew up plans, took measurements, and sketched a few notes, they were on their way. Several weeks later the team returned with a completed project.

The Leadership team divided into different groups to complete their project. The three teams devised to implement the project were Procurement/Fundraising, whose members included Becky Smith, Angela Cooley, Glenn Smith, and Kristi Reed, Capital & Riverboat Building, whose members included Jeff Pettit, Debbie Houston, Bobbie Willis, Michael Lee, and Mary Lee, and Display Case, whose members included Carlo Scurlock, Brent Barker, Brian Barton, Michelle Robinson, and Antonio Clay. We mourn the loss of Antonio Clay, recent victum to a fatal accident. His presence and input will be missed.

The Captol & Riverboat Building Team created smoke stacks and a paddle wheel that students will walk through upon entering the Kidzeum’s new exhibit. This will help the children gain a respect of the different types of transportation that can be found in Mississippi.

They also created a dome and columns to resemble the State capital. These items will be placed on one side of the existing bank that is already in the Kidzeum. The students will learn about the State symbols within this replica.
The Display Case team helped create a large, wooden display case. This case will allow students to acquire know-
ledge about various collections, artistry, and artifacts. For this exhibit, Michael Lee, Pastor at First Baptist Church, is bringing a family collection of Native American artifacts to be displayed to enable student learning about Mississippi Native American tribes of the past and the present.
Team member Bobby Willis, from the US Fish and Wildlife Service, has contributed several items about the different wildlife in Mississippi including wood duck boxes, mounts, skulls, and other articles that will be in different hands-on learning activities for the students.
The teachers in the Kidzeum are very excited about this opportunity that Leadership Grenada has provided for the children at Grenada Elementary School. They hope to guide the students in grades K-3 at GES through the many opportunities our State has to offer for their future! Thanks to Leadership Grenada for all of their help and support!
Kidzeum Leadership Project