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The first full-scale school-based children's museum in the U.S., the Kidzeum is a unique and dynamic facility where students' desires to learn are stimulated through interactive and intriguing exhibits. Surrounded by authentic settings of a grocery store, a bank, a kitchen, and various exhibits, children are encouraged to pose questions and search for answers.

Students are scheduled to visit The Kidzeum for an hour on a three-week rotation. The museum's programming is structured to meet the interests and capabilities of all of the grade levels at Grenada Elementary. The goal of The Kidzeum is to capture the natural curiosity of children and to instill the joy of learning. The Kidzeum has been part of Grenada Elementary School since the construction of the new building in 1995, giving students in kindergarten through third grade an opportunity to participate in the innovative program.

The Kidzeum has been the recipient of many advancements and awards. The Public Education Forum of Mississippi recognized the Kidzeum in 1996 with an Award of Excellence. Business Week magazine awarded The Kidzeum the recognition of "Top Rural Elementary School" in the nation. The Kidzeum was also the recipient of the American Association of School Administrators' "Leadership for Learning Award for 2000", a 2001 Governor's Award for Outstanding School-Community Partnerships at the 17th annual Partners in Education Seminars, and 2002 MAGNA Award by American School Board Journal.

Former Museum Director, Eloise Portera, was one of six visionary educators that were 2010 recipients of the fourth annual Grosvenor Teacher Fellowships, established to honor National Geographic Society Chairman Gilbert M. Grosvenor. The fellowships were awarded to teachers demonstrating excellence in geography education.The Fellows traveled on an in-depth exploration of Arctic Svalbard aboard the National Geographic Explorer. Their journey took them within some 600 miles of the North Pole, where they experienced the legendary midnight sun set against the strikingly beautiful wilderness of towering glaciers, wild polar bears, walruses and some of the largest whales on Earth.