The Science of Bubbles!...

By Beth Muselwhite
Kidzeum Director

What a way to end the school year in The Kidzeum at Grenada Elementary School! The last exhibit for the spring of 2012 was titled, “The Science of Bubbles”. How many of us ever knew when we were growing up that there were so many things to learn about a small bottle of bubbles? Well, in this science-filled exhibit, the students and teachers at GES learned how bubbles are formed and observed the stages a bubble goes through before it “POPS!”

Students were able to use “hands-on” activities to create “minds-on” learning in this exhibit! The children created bubble walls and learned why and how things can go through a bubble wall without making it pop.

For the second visit of this exhibit, each child and most of the teachers at GES were actually put inside a bubble. The Kindergarten through third grade children and their teachers stepped into a small, plastic swimming pool that was filled with bubble solution. The teachers in the Kidzeum lifted a plastic hula-hoop around each enthusiastic volunteer, and now the students and teachers at GES can say they have been inside a giant bubble! Even Dr. Daigneault, Grenada School District’s Superintendent, stopped by The Kidzeum to step inside a giant bubble! Great fun and a lot of learning took place during this exhibit! Thanks to Dr. Daigneault for sharing this fun-filled learning experience with the Kidzeum and students at GES!

Another exciting event took place in the Kidzeum this spring. Stuffee, the Kidzeum Mascot, celebrated his birthday and graduated this year! Stuffee was well entertained this year on Friday, May 11, for his birthday/graduation celebration. All the students at GES were encouraged to wear their 2012 Kidzeum t-shirts or their favorite uniform shirt to help Stuffee celebrate this year. After the K-3rd graders finished lunch, they were given a piece of Stuffee’s birthday cake. Naturally, Stuffee’s birthday cake had blue icing on top in honor of Stuffee’s blue hair!

GSD Superintendent Dr. Daigneault presented Stuffee with his diploma and many former GES students attended and shared this important time. The Pizzaz Show Choir from GUES and the Entertainers Show Choir from GMS sang and danced. Some of the young men from the Grenada High School Baseball team and some of the young women from the GHS Cheerleading Squad attended to help Stuffee celebrate his birthday and graduation.

Since Stuffee has graduated, the teachers in the Kidzeum are anticipating many accomplishments from him and are looking forward to all the new knowledge and many adventures that Stuffee will be able to help us share with the students at GES!

Kidzeum- Science of Bubbles