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The Kidzeum Clinic Exhibit Opens at GES

This fall, the children at Grenada Elementary School have taken Stuffee, the Kidzeum mascot, to the doctor for his healthy check-up at the "Kidzeum Clinic". Students in grades K-3 have been putting on lab coats just as a doctor might wear, checking their own throats, eyes, height and weight, and looking at germs through a microscope!

The Kidzeum is welcoming several local doctors and dentists to share information and answer questions in the hallway of GES as the children walk to their classrooms in the mornings for this first exhibit.

Beth Muselwhite, Director of the Kidzeum at GES, thanks Grenada Lake Medical Center for lending an examination table for Stuffee for his healthy check-up. She also thanks Dr. David Braswell for donating two dental chairs for the children to help take Stuffee to the dentist. Thanks to Dr. Braswell and Dr. Harvey Leslie, the students at GES will receive their very own toothbrush and toothpaste as they leave the exhibit about the dentist!

Through hands-on activities in the Kidzeum, the students are currently learning how important it is to brush and floss their teeth. The children are using over-sized toothbrushes to brush and floss over-sized teeth correctly. They are experimenting with eggs and vinegar to simulate how our teeth might look if we don't brush after eating sugary foods. The students learn that improper care of our teeth causes our teeth to soften, decay and possibly have more cavities. The students are also involved with a flossing experiment to understand how important it is to floss our teeth after brushing.

On the third visit, the children will learn how to choose healthy foods to keep their hearts and bodies healthy. The children will help Stuffee pack his lunch box for school by determining which foods are unhealthy and will use this informatin to make selections in a simulated cafeteria line and shopping experience. Muselwhite hopes that this exhibit will encourage children at GES to choose healthy foods to grow strong and healthy!

Parents are encouraged to reinforce the learning activities that their children experience in the Kidzeum and in school. Parental interest and pertinent questions about student learning assist the educational process by providing positive feedback for the child.

The “Kidzeum Clinic” will end in October and preparations for the new exhibit, “Christmas in Brazil” will begin. The GES children are eagerly anticipating the Holiday hands-on activities. Students investigate bacteria through microscopes