Horticulture Students Prepare for Sale

By Allison Ashmore
Horticulture Teacher

Horticulture students at the Grenada Career and Technical Center have been busy preparing for their annual plant sale. The students have been studying horticulture methods in the classroom and implementing the objectives in hands-on activities. Students have established and increased the number of plants through propagation and indirect seeding.

Successful propagations of species have included wandering Jew, mosquito plant, coleus, Swedish ivy, maple leaf hibiscus, and sweet potato vine.
Indirect seeding is defined as planting seeds in one place and transplanting them to a more permanent location to complete the growth process. Some seeds need a period of darkness to germinate so the trays of cell packs are covered until the seedlings emerge.

Not all work is done in the greenhouses. When studying about trees and shrubs, students created a digital leaf collection with a PowerPoint presentation on the computer. Students found pictures of trees and other information on the Internet to use in their presentation.

In December students designed a floral arrangement using silk flowers, made a corsage, and decorated a grapevine wreath for the holidays. Students gained a better understanding of the floral industry through these activities and were able to share their creativity with family members. Money from the annual plant sale purchases supplies such as pots, soil, seeds, silk flowers, wreaths, ribbons, and ornaments for the horticulture program for the next school year.

The horticulture classes appreciate the return of any pots and trays for recycling within the program. This year’s annual plant sale is scheduled for Saturday, April 14, from 8:00 am until 11:00 am. The sale will take place at the Grenada Career and Technical Center on Jackson Avenue within the greenhouses behind the school.

Horticulture Sale