Hitachi Electronic Boards Installed

By Martha Liberto
K-1 Art Teacher

Many classrooms in Grenada School District are receiving Hitachi interactive whiteboards. The whiteboards, purchased with federal grant funds, use computers and LED projectors to project large images to give students a multi-sensory learning experience. District Techno-logy Coordinator Mike Liberto explained, “This is a great new tool for teachers to integrate technology and classroom instruction on a regular basis, since these units will be permanently installed.”
Teachers and students can collaborate in activities, explore the web, or give presentations. Leigh Vance, a kindergarten teacher said, “We are excited to have the latest technology to make learning fun for our students. We will use it for large group instruction for our letter of the week lessons, as well as, for phonics instruction.”
Teachers may also create lessons for the boards or use pre-made lessons that are aligned with the State curriculum. Rhonda Lyles, a first grade teacher explained, “The use of interactive whiteboards in the classroom are another way to teach, opening the door to a new world for our students. The board keeps the students engaged and facilitates the absorbtion of more information. More effective classroom tools foster increased student learning.” Electronic Boards Installed