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GSD High Hopes Partners in Education Program Reorganized

The nationwide adopt-a-school program Partners in Education builds relationships between businesses, organizations, and schools that enhance student learning and promote school improvement.  The Partners Program enables the community to have a positive impact on the local education system and students.

Grenada’s local Partners program, High Hopes, is being reorganized into the Communications Department to effectively reach stakeholders and to publicize adopter activities.  The Department has created a new logo, designed a new brochure, and updated materials to revitalize our High Hopes resources.

High Hopes assists in enhancing the economic well-being of Grenada by maintaining an educated workforce.  Participating business partners become known as contributors to the progress of the community and receive appreciation for business talents, products, and community participation.  Superintendent Dr. David Daigneault states, “High Hopes provides a vehicle for community gains through a stronger school system, improved quality of life for the community, greater potential for local economic and job development, and opportunities for improved community cooperation.”

The High Hopes program is organized to enable businesses or community groups to adopt an individual school, all K-12 schools, or to adopt K-12 schools with an emphasis upon one school.  Business adopters meet with teacher coordinators annually from the individual schools or with K-12 district coordinators to chart the course of the year’s activities and collaborations.  During these meetings, the stakeholders discuss their upcoming activities, which could include student motivation initiatives, school improvement options, teacher appreciation endeavors, or participation in publicity opportunities.  School coordinators also organize adopter appreciation and recognition activities to acknowledge the participation of the High Hopes partners.  From invitations for “Lunch with the Students,” to student-made gifts, to recognition through a variety of media, the contributions of our partners will be publicized.

Encouraging student motivation is always an important component of the GSD High Hopes Partners in Education Program.  Activities to increase student motivation include incentives for attendance, academic success, and achievement, scholarships and awards, field trips, mentors, internships, and job placement opportunities.

This year emphasis will be placed upon reviving teacher appreciation discounts offered by local businesses.  Lists of participating adopters offering teacher/staff discounts will be posted on the District website and distributed to GSD employees.  This High Hopes component will benefit the businesses by attracting customers, and will recognize the work and efforts of teachers with special incentives.

Building relationships throughout the community High Hopes serves as a catalyst for positive progress and collaboration between our citizens.  Positively affecting the lives and futures of students, educators, businesses, and the community, High Hopes provides an investment in tomorrow’s leaders and input into workforce development.

Our High Hopes Partners in Education Program began in 1988 as an alliance between the Grenada School District and the entire
community. This coalition was designed to strengthen the resources and positively impact each member of the partnership.