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Coordinators Discuss Plans

Partners In Education Coordinators Meet To Discuss Plans

By Lisa Merriman
Partners In Education Director

The Grenada School District’s Partners in Education High Hopes Program offers a wonderful opportunity for the private sector to be actively involved in the educational process. From the inception of the program in 1987, The Grenada School District has been fortunate to be involved in on-going and invaluable partnerships with over one hundred local businesses, industries, and civic groups.
Partners in Education is a national program in which partnerships are formed between businesses and schools for the purpose of enhancing the educational experience through direct involvement. The main objective of the program is private sector support of local public education by sharing resources, time, talent, and expertise. The program has great flexibility, with participating partners developing yearly plans based on identified needs and available resources.
Partners in Education School Coordinators serve as liaisons between businesses and schools by initiating partnerships and coordinating activities throughout the year. The four basic components of a plan include: student motivation, teacher appreciation, partner appreciation, and community service projects. Tutoring students, donating surplus supplies, hosting business tours, providing student incentives, and serving as resource speakers are just a few examples of the many possible benefits of the program.
The Grenada School District recognizes the critical importance between excellence in education and the support and participation of our local community. Our High Hopes Partners have always supported our students and teachers, and we greatly appreciate all they do to enrich the the educational experience.
For information concerning the High Hopes Partners in Education Program or to become a new partner, please contact Lisa Merriman, District Coordinator at 226-2584.