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GUES students checking out books in library

Resources for Students and Parents

GES Green Top Library Database

Magnolia Database (Magnolia Database is a free research database for students K-12. To log in from home, please use the username “magn0897”.)

Young American Poets

World Book Web
The World Book Web includes:
• World Book Online for Kids—the premier general reference Web site developed especially for younger users.
• World Book Online for Students—the premier general reference Web site developed especially for older users.
• World Book Discover—designed for students reading below grade level, this site includes reference articles, text-to-speech capabilities, research and translation tools, and multimedia.
• Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos—the optimal beginner’s Spanish language reference site.
• Early World of Learning—The Early World of Learning offers busy educators many stimulating ways of teaching concepts and reinforcing skills in the classroom. (You will create your own account information for the Educator Center.)
(Contact your child's teacher or GUES library for login information for World Book Web.)

Librarian/Media Specialist- Chastity Johnson
Assistant-Susan Miller

The Media Center is a spacious state-of-the-art facility that accommodates every facet of student learning. Among the many resources offered are links to the World Book Encyclopedia Online, Magnolia Database, and Destiny Follett.

Reading Center Loft
The completely automated Media Center possesses approximately 14,000 volumes that can be checked out students and teachers. The Media Center also houses professional development materials, DVDs, and thematic units for teachers to utilize to enhance classroom instruction.

Color Library Bookshelves
Over the course of the week students in fourth and fifth grade are given the opportunity to check out one library book each week to read and enjoy at home.

The Media Center promotes two book fairs throughout the year to raise money to buy new books.