Grenada Elementary Green Top
500 Pender Drive

GES Green Top School-Wide Discipline Plan

At Grenada Elementary Green Top School, we are committed to providing a safe, orderly environment for our students and staff. We believe that we can achieve this objective through the cooperative effort of administrators, teachers, students, and parents. Together, we can accomplish the best teaching and learning environment possible for teachers and students. All teachers will have a written discipline for his/her classroom. The plan must be communicated in writing to students and their parents several times throughout the school year. For behaviors other than intolerable behaviors, such as fighting, profanity, etc., teachers will need to talk to the parent before sending a student to the office with a referral.
All classrooms will enforce the basic rules of the GUES School-Wide Discipline Plan:
•Come to class prepared and have appropriate working materials.
•Be respectful of all persons and property.
•Speak courteously to teachers, fellow students, and school staff.
•Follow all classroom rules and procedures.
•Accept responsibility for his/her work and behavior.

Negative consequences are not our desired choice to change student behavior. However, certain misbehavior will not be tolerated. These misbehaviors will result in immediate removal from the classroom setting and may result in suspension, recommendation to the alternative program, and/or expulsion.

Intolerable Behaviors:
•Repeated failure to cooperate with teacher imposed behavior consequences.
•Profanity and vulgarity (spoken, written or gestured)
•Possession of a weapon or dangerous substance
•Threatening a school district employee or volunteer
•Failure to identify oneself to a school district employee or volunteer
•Gang related behavior (spoken, written or gestured)
•Use or supply of any controlled substance or intoxicant
Serious violation of any rule or policy of the Grenada School District