Computer Lab

Students in computer lab

GES Green Top has four Computer Labs that are equipped with thirty computers/laptops and a Smart Board. The students participate in programs such as iReady, Classworks, SkillsTutor, StudyIsland, Fun Brain, and All fourth grade students go to computer lab every day for 45 minutes. Each Tuesday our 5th graders visit the lab for Science instruction and students also go to labs for intervention and tutoring.

4th and 5th grade students visit the computer lab once a week for 45 minutes as a special/activity period.

Students at GES Green Top also have access to two ipad labs and two portable laptop carts.

Mrs. Williamson, Ms. Harges, Mrs. McNamee and Mrs. Miller are the computer lab teachers. They administer the iReady diagnostic tests throughout the year and assist teachers with computer lab lessons.