Bus Safety Program At GUES

By Cortney Robertson
GUES Administrative Intern
Exiting a bus safely was one of the goals for the recent bus safety classes held at Grenada Upper Elementary School. On January 19, 20, and 23, students performed bus safety drills during their PE/Health activity period. Students watched an educational video, entitled, “Bus Evacuation Training” by SafePupilTraining.com. The video informed students of three basic rules of bus safety: stay calm, stay cool, and listen to the bus driver during an emergency.
GUES students were also informed of how to open emergency exits and the appropriate times to use them. During the drill, students were instructed how to exit from the back of the bus. Additional information on PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) rules for bus safety were also reviewed.
Benji Britt has been serving as the Transportation Director for Grenada School District for three years. Grenada School District has 110 bus drivers responsible for the daily transportation of approximately 3,800 students. Buses travel approximately 275,000 miles during the school year and make about 585,00 stops each year. “The bus drivers have a tremendous safety and on-time delivery record,” according to Britt.
Good safety tips for parents to discuss with their children are:
-Keep hands and feet to yourself
-Stay seated once you enter the bus
-Listen to and follow the bus driver’s instructions

Bus Safety Procedures