Grenada School District Grants

2018-21st Century grant-$250,000
2017-21st Century grant- $170,506.64
2017- Perkins Grant-GCTC $25,000
2017, 2018, 2019-Pre-K Learning Blocks $247,250-EACH YEAR
2017-Project Lead the Way from MDE-$28,602
2016-21st Century-$255,759.95
2015-21st Century-$341,013.27
2014-AmeriCorps Grant-$352,325
2014-21st Century-$426,266
2013-21st Century-$426,266
2013-AmeriCorps Grant-$352,427
2012-AmeriCorps Grant-$376,500
2011-AmeriCorps Grant-$372,400
2011-21st Century Learning Grant-Year Five-$125,035
2010-Dollar General Literacy Foundation-$5,000
2010-21st Century Learning Grant-Year Four-$187,553
2009-21st Century Learning Grant-Year Three-$250,070
2009-Partnering with Calhoun and Yalobusha Counties for MSU Dept. of Health Office of Tobacco Control-$78,000
2009-AmeriCorps Grant- $251,491
2009-AmeriCorps Grant Recovery Funds- $90,000
2009-GES Kidzeum-$3,000 from Mississippi Fish and Wildlife
2009-GES Kidzeum -$1,400 from Mississippi Arts Commission
2009-GES "Project Fit"-$30,000
"Project Fit"-$30,000
2009 -GES Kidzeum$1,000 from The Daily Star
2009-GES Library from The Daily Star
2008-11-GUES-John D. Bower School Health Network N1 Grant-$30,000
2008-21st Century Learning Grant Year One and Two-$625,176
2008-AmeriCorpsGrant- $188,991
2007-Bower Health Grant-Child Nutrition Department-$40,000
2006-GUES Bower School Health Grant-$100,000
2000-2005-Exxon Community Grants($7,500 total)
2005-USDA5-9A Day Fruit and Vegetable Program-$98,076
2005-E2T2 Technology Formula Grant-$29,000
2004-E2T2 Technology Formula Grant-$25,000
2004-USDA 5-9-A Day Fruit and Vegetable Program-$96,076
2003-Entergy Grant
2003-E2T2 Technology Formula Grant-$19,0
2001-2002 Urban and Community Forestry Assistance Challenge Grant Program-$12,000
2001-2002-Transportation and Enhancement Grant-Mississippi Forestry Commission and Mississippi Department of Transportation-$9,000
2001-2003-PowerUp Grant-Computer Lab
2001-2002-Goals Grant-$100,000
2000-2001-Goals Grant-$75,000
1999-2000-Mississippi Geography Education Fund-$20,000
1999-2000-Goals Grant-$75,000
1998-1999-Misissippi Arts Commission-$5,000
1997-2000-CSRD Grant-$150,000
1997-200-Technology Literacy Challenge Grant-$160,000
1997-1998-Mississippi Arts Commission-$5,000
1998-2000-Goals Grant- $75,000
1997-1998-Goals Grant-$75,000
1997-STAR Classroom equipment ($90,000)
1996-1997-Goals Grant-$75,000
1996-1997-Mississippi Arts Commission-$7,000
1996-Technology Funds-State of Mississippi-$220,000
1995-1996-Mississippi Arts Commission-$7,000
1994-1995-Mississippi Arts Commission-$7,000