Minimum graduation requirements:

Grades 9-12 - Credits for Graduation–24

•English-4 Credits
•Mathematics-4 Credits (Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry are required)
•Social Studies-4 Credits
•Science-4 Credits (Biology I and Physical Science or Chemistry are required)
•The Arts- 1 Credit
•Business & Technology-1 Credit
•Health-1⁄2 Credit
•Physical Education-1⁄2 Credit
•Electives-5 Credits

*Students must pass the Subject Area Tests in US History, Biology I, English II, and Algebra I in order to graduate.
**All beginning 9th graders will be required to take Keystone class.
***At least 2 of the 4 required math courses must be higher than Algebra I (Geometry, Algebra II, Algebra III, Honors Calculus.)

Credit at the end of the first semester will not be awarded for yearly courses. The entire course must be satisfactorily completed to receive credit.

Students may not enroll for credit after the 30th day of school.

Students in grades 9-12 will attend all seven periods unless scheduled in Co-Op, or a senior.

A maximum of two (2) credits may be earned through Credit Recovery at Grenada High School each year and a maximum of four (4) Credit Recovery credits may be counted toward graduation.

A maximum of one (1) credit may be earned through completing correspondence courses.

Students graduating from Grenada High School must earn at least two (2) of the last four (4) credits in this school.

All students graduating during the summer, through correspondence, or regular school year must demonstrate mastery of basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics established by the State Board of Education.

Each student graduating from Grenada High School must demonstrate the ability to apply basic skills successfully as evidenced by the results, which meets the requirements of the State Board of Education.

Special education students who wish to receive a standard high school diploma must take the Subject Area Tests and perform at established performance levels.

Students must pass the Subject Area Tests in U.S. History from 1877, English II (with a writing component), Biology I, and Algebra I. Students must pass all four Subject Area Tests even if they take the course(s) prior to their 9th grade year.

The subject area tests, Algebra I, Biology I, English II and U.S. History from 1877 to the Present, are aligned with the Mississippi Curriculum Frameworks developed by the Office of Instructional Development in the Mississippi Department of Education.

State Board Policy 3804 provides approved options for students to meet these high school end-of-course subject area test graduation requirements through approved alternate measures. State Board Policy 3804 applies to the past, current, and future Mississippi students. Students should see school counselors for more info.