GMS Media Center

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Welcome to the GMS Media Center, where students and teachers have access to the World. The existing Media Center was renovated in 1995 with the addition of an office, workroom, and building extension which enlarged the Media Center by half. The completely automated Media Center posseses approximately 12,000 volumes, sixteen computers, and the audio visual center. The Media Center also encourages GMS students to participate in the Accelerated Reader program.

New! EBooks

At school, students may use their Smartphone or a tablet to download the books. First, they must go to their App store and download a QR Code Reader. With a librarian watching, students may use their phone or tablet in the library to scan the Scan-to-Read QR Code Labels on the books and then save the book to their phone or tablet. Students may NOT actually read these Ebooks at school unless they are being used by a teacher in the classroom, but once they save them, they will be able to read the books at home.
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GMS Library Computer Workstation