GMS Students Recognized By
Dreamworks Studios

By Pam Briscoe
GMS Teacher

Kailey Dorris and Peyton Henderson, sixth graders at GMS, proudly display a letter and an autographed picture that their language arts class received from Dreamworks Studios on behalf of Steven Spielberg. This
letter was received on the heels of an integrated unit based upon Joan Bauer’s novel, Hope Was Here.
Many students elected to write Mr. Spielberg in an attempt to persuade him to read and make the novel into a movie. Much to their surprise, Dreamworks noted in the letter that they were very impressed by the students’ creativeness and level of persuasion. They also provided words of encouragement by saying, “We hope that your students’ interest in books and movies continues as they get older, as great movies come from great storytellers.”
Pam Briscoe, the students’ language arts teacher, commented, “We were overwhelmed with joy to receive a response from Dreamworks. With quite a lump in my throat, I enthusiastically read the letter aloud to my students. It’s not every day that something like this happens. Receiving this letter was validation for my students’ writing efforts. I hope they remember that writing to persuade not only has a purpose in our State curriculum, but it also possesses a power in our everyday lives.”
Students Recognized by Dreamworks