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GMS Choir Info

The Grenada Middle School Choirs held their first performance for the school year recently and impressed all who attended with their skills, not only in singing, but also dancing. The program, started in 1995 by Choir Director Gale Dorroh, has a specific set of teaching components. These goals are:

*to provide instruction in a variety of musical styles (gospel, Broadway, popular)

*to develop a presence and command of the performance stage

*to develop independent musicianship, as well as, ensemble musicianship

*to provide experience in the rigor and demands of combining the individual disciplines of visual, aural, theatrical, voice, and dance/staging into a single performance skill

*to teach the discipline and commitment necessary in producing the highest quality musical project in a live performance

*to teach the necessity, importance, and value of ensemble participation

*to define entertainment as a demanding art form

*to demonstrate an attitude of team work in which the welfare of the ensemble takes precedence over the desire of the individual

*to combine the ability to sing, dance, use proper stage presence, stage etiquette, and presentation

*to learn that entertainment requires education, good rehearsal etiquette, continuous practice, attention to detail, concentration, respect for others, and consistent effort

The GMS Choir Program totals 99 students involved in five separate groups, Showtimers, Ovations, Starz, Sensations, and Entertainers, chosen based on teacher recommendations and vocal auditions. Students in the sixth grade comprise the Showtimers and Ovations, Starz is the 7th grade group, 8th graders form the Sensations, and the Entertainers include 7th and 8th graders auditioned by outside judges.
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