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Angel Tree Project

By: Sixth Grader Estella Johnson

Pumpkins and turkeys have invaded Grenada Middle School! The week before Thanksgiving break all the classroom doors were plastered with paper turkeys! GMS is supporting the Angel Tree project, a program that collects money to purchase Christmas gifts for children in need. This project’s goal is for every child, or “angel”, in Grenada School District to have a Merry Christmas. The money for the project comes from paper pumpkin sales, paper turkey sales, donations, and individual angel adoptions. Each angel receives a gift of a thirty dollar value. Teachers, classes, or individual students could purchase the gifts themselves or turn in the funds to Mrs. Tawater so that she could buy the children their desired gifts.  Paper turkeys were sold at a rate of twenty-five cents each and the homeroom with the most turkeys purchased was awarded a pizza party.

For most of the week it appeared that the prize was already won, as Mrs. Tramel’s class was ahead for several days with hundreds of turkeys. In a surprise twist, however, Coach Griffin’s class pulled ahead on the last day of the competition to tie for the prize. All of the students in both Mrs. Tramel’s class and Coach Griffin’s class were thrilled to, not only win the party, but also to aid in such a wonderful cause. Mrs. Tramel’s and Coach Griffin’s classes combined purchased over two thousand turkeys.

This is not the first fundraiser for the Angel Tree this year.  Earlier, pumpkins were sold for Halloween at the same price as the turkeys. The pumpkins had almost the same amount of success as the turkeys. Mrs. Briscoe’s homeroom, Coach Robertson’s homeroom, and Mrs. S. King’s homeroom were all awarded a donut party for their success during the pumpkin competition.

The project has been very successful this year with bunches of turkeys and pumpkins sold and many adopted angels. None of this could have been possible without the help of so many individuals.  We would like to thank Mrs. Tawater, the chairperson of the middle school division of the project for the past six years, Mrs. Fleetwood, the handler of paperwork and contact information, the students of Grenada Middle School for their generous donations, the teachers of GMS for instilling the importance of helping others to their students, the women of Continued Care for their unbelievable donations for twenty children, the administrators and office staff at GMS for helping with the organization, the National Honor Society, Cindy Willis and the dedicated band directors for Grenada School District, the Excel Group, and any others who helped make this project such a success.

Because of the hard work of so many, two hundred four children will receive Christmas gifts.  We look forward to another great result next year. It is important that we each remember that the true spirit of Christmas is not about receiving gifts, but the joy of helping others!
Angel Tree Project