Grenada Middle School

front of GMS building

28 Jones Road

Grades 6-8 • 662-226-5135

Principal: Marshall Whittemore
Assistant Principals: Barry Rogers, James Harrison, Angela Cooley

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For the 2013-2014 school year, Grenada Middle School has been rated as a high performing school as a result of their academic achievement on the Mississippi Curriculum Tests. Only the top 20% of schools in the State are labeled high performing based on the State’s accountability model.

Grenada Middle School demonstrates the commitment of ensuring a quality education. The walls have been transformed into teaching tools through the use of timelines, sculptures, and paintings, and the courtyard provides a replication and experience of an authentic homestead of the Mississippi Choctaw Indians.

The “Partners in Education” enables Grenada businesses to express their support for a strong school system by increasing their involvement. Throughout the school year, the Partners reward students for attendance, good behavior, and academic success.

The Grenada Middle School’s curriculum contains basic, supplementary, and remedial courses to enable every student to excel. Each class is equipped with an average of two Internet connected computers that provide the teacher and students with a boundless supply of resources in their daily studies. Two new computer labs are designated for class projects and individual assignments.
The English Department recognizes the value of literature through language and writing, and widens a student’s perspective through drama, novels, and short stories. The development of each student’s reading skills is stressed through innovative technology and standard instruction. The school’s library adds titles of interest to students and teachers and also offers a station of computers empowering the students with worldwide access to additional information.

The mathematics curriculum focuses on fractions, decimals, percentages, measurement, geometry, equations, and word problems. In addition, Honors Math for 7th and 8th grade and Algebra are offered to high achievers. I-Ready allows individualized math and language instruction for students in select classes at each grade level.Life Science, Physical Science, and Earth and Space Science build on the basics learned in K-5. Emphasis is placed on developing higher level thinking skills and the ability to ask questions, observe, experiment, measure, gather data, problem solve/reason, use computers and calculators, tools of science, and communicate findings. Other units of importance that stimulate the interests of the students and enable the further development of science concepts are safety skills, current events, environmental issues, and participation in science fairs.

Social studies includes world history, Mississippi history, and American history. Structured to create responsible, informed citizens and leaders, the courses encompass different cultures, geography, current events, government, traditions, and values.

Grenada Middle School’s curriculum in physical education contributes to the development of versatile individuals through physical development and competition in interscholastic programs such as football, basketball, baseball, track, golf, and tennis.

An outstanding band.program provides instruction at each grade level, in concert and marching band, and prepares students for participating in the Grenada High School’s nationally award-winning band. Students are encouraged to develop their musical talents through choral music classes, and may choose to audition for the competitive show choirs. Artistically talented students are encouraged through gifted art classes that provide visual experiences in studio activities, intellectual study, evaluation, and critique.

Exploration of technological processes is provided by Foundations of Technology and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) which prepares young learners with the technology literacy, workforce, and academic skills necessary to compete in the global workforce. They also study interpersonal and self-directional skills, input applications, databases, graphic and web design applications, networking, problem solving and decision making with technology tools, and technology operations related to social, ethical, and human issues. STEM is a workforce education course to prepare students for a global economy and future academic and vocational arenas. It incorporates 21st century skills through online learning in the classroom along with hands-on learning. Scientific and mathematical skills are applied to real world, industry-specific problems.