Program Overview

Sherry Worsham

Director of Innovation and Gifted Education Coordinator

Student playing airharp

Opportunities for Gifted Education Offered Through LEAP

Grenada School District is dedicated to providing optimum educational experiences for all students at their appropriate level of ability. Offerings addressing the unique needs of gifted individuals are addressed through Project LEAP. According to Gifted Coordinator Sherry Worsham, "The goal of Project LEAP (Learning, Enrichment, and Progress) is to ensure that gifted children, who demonstrate unusually high potential, are identified and offered an appropriate education based upon their exceptional abilities. Because of their unusual capabilities, they require qualitatively different educational experiences not available in the regular classroom. These uniquely different programs are required to enable gifted students to realize their abilities and potential contributions to self and society."

Gifted children are reflected in every ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic group. They come in all shapes and sizes, with differing strengths and ability levels. Gifted children are as diverse as humanity itself. Generally speaking, gifted learners possess high levels of intelligence, creativity, critical and creative thinking, and intellectual curiosity. They may require fewer repetitions to process and understand information than traditional learners.

The philosophy of Project LEAP is to develop the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical self of the gifted students by providing opportunities for enrichment beyond the regular classroom. Through divergent thinking and self-expression, the program strives to instill positive attitudes and values to produce effective individuals and leaders in a cooperative atmosphere. Gifted Teacher Angie McElwrath states, "It is both rewarding and challenging to teach gifted students. It requires bringing higher level skills of academics and creativity to the divergent thinkers."