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Gifted Education Coordinator

Sherry Worsham-

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Welcome to the 2016-2017 Intellectually Gifted Program. The Grenada School District serves intellectually gifted students in Project LEAP (Learning, Enrichment, and Progress). We are very excited to have our gifted students participate in this challenging enrichment program. LEAP offers instruction and exploration in various content areas based on student interests, Mississippi Department of Education guidelines, and Gifted Education standards. Promotion of appropriate, quality education for students identified as intellectually gifted is the primary goal.

LEAP provides a unique and challenging program for gifted children in second through sixth grades. Encouraged intellectually, creatively, and academically, LEAP students manifest positive attitudes and superior accomplishments. In the LEAP classroom, students are provided with situations and scenarios involving problems ranging from those of a local nature to those with world-wide implications. By actively seeking solutions to these problems through research and experience, LEAP students are given ample opportunities to develop leadership and organizational abilities.
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The mission of Project LEAP is to maintain a program for the intellectually gifted students that target their special needs and provide the necessary instructional modifications to increase the students' skills in the capacity for self-directed learning, creative productive thinking, love of learning, metacognition, as well as developing and maintaining healthy, positive, enriching relationships and appropriate expectations and understanding of self.