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GHS  Students  Score Big on State Tests

Each spring, students take state-mandated tests to assess their educational progress.  Different grades of students take different tests depending on the subject areas in which they are enrolled.  Grenada High School students are required to pass SATP (Subject Area Testing Program) exams in order to graduate.  Core subjects tested include English II, Biology, U.S. History, and Algebra I.   Scores on these exams determine the educational ranking level of each school.

GHS teachers and administrative staff have worked together to develop a program to increase students’ learning and also to motivate students to do well on these exams.  This program consists of tutoring programs, subject-area remediation for struggling students, and reward systems. 

This year, the scores of Grenada High School English II and Algebra I students reached record levels.  Scores for Biology have not been released at this time.  U.S. History scores reached goal levels.  Teachers and students participating in these exams are to be commended for their exemplary efforts!  One student, Tiara Watson, completed every question on the Algebra I exam correctly!  For her incredible undertaking, Watson was rewarded with a $100 gift card. 

The reward system for students involved in SATP testing was designed to motivate and encourage students to excel on the exams.  While the system rewards high scorers, it also rewards students who show growth.  This growth is based on students’ scores from the eighth grade MCT II.  Prior to this school year only English and Algebra students’ growth could be measured due to the fact that Biology and U.S. History were not tested at the eighth-grade level.  The 2010 – 2011 school year was the first time that eighth graders were tested in Biology.  Due to this fact, growth will be measured in GHS students who take the Biology SATP this spring because there will be a previous score to compare.  

The reward system in place at Grenada High is based  upon the following:
  • Students missing zero questions on an SATP exam receive a $100 gift card
  • The Top 5 (including ties) scorers and Top 5 students with growth on each SATP exam receive a sports pass that allows free admission to all GSD home sports activities
  • Each teacher’s class with the most growth in each SATP subject area receives a pizza and movie party in the GHS Auditorium
  • The class that shows the most growth overall in each SATP subject area will receive a pizza and movie party in the GHS Auditorium
  • All students who score advanced on an SATP exam will receive an Excellence shirt to wear each Friday of the following school year. 
  • Students who score Proficient or Advanced on an SATP exam will receive a movie and pizza party during SATP testing of the following year. 
  • The following students either scored the Top 5 scores in each subject area test or were the Top 5 students showing growth (including ties).  (Biology scores have not been returned yet so these students will not be shown.)
  • Tiara Watson – missed zero questions – Algebra I Top scorers in Algebra I:  Tiara Watson, Kasia Hayes, Sarah Mawk, Amber Wilson, Abby Vance, Ashlyn Doss, Jacob Nance, Hayden Wooldridge, Patricia Sanford
  • Top students showing growth (Algebra I):  Jesse Blount, Amber Wilson, Abby Vance, Joshua Greer, Jesse Meadows
  • Top students showing growth (English II):  Amber Avery, Jasmine Edwards, Desonte Shipp, Samantha Fayard, Lauren Smitherman
  • Top scoring students (English II):  Jasmine Edwards, Kaitlyn Stevens, Mackenzie Traylor, Courtney Simmons, Lauren Smitherma
  • Top scoring students (U.S. History):  Cody Angela, Ellen Moss, Zach Armstrong, Tysheann Grant, Lynsie Moore, Joshua Rice, Albert Salinas, Joe Gafford, Jessica Hood, Camille Parker, Joshua Renner, Danny Ruth, Christina Shirley, Jimmy Singh

  • Congratulations to all of the high scoring/high growth students at GHS, and thank you to the teachers who worked diligently to ensure the success of all of the students involved in testing.

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