GSD Kindergarten Scores in State Top 11%

The Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) has released the results of the fall 2018 assessment of kindergarten readiness.

According to the fall 2018 Kindergarten Readiness Assessment results released, Grenada School District demonstrated an average score of 535, which is significantly above the state average of 501. Only 16 of 141 school districts showed an average score of 530 or above. Therefore, Grenada School District placed in the top 11% of school districts in the state and ranked number 13th out of 141 school districts statewide.

Members of the Grenada Board of Trustees had a vision for early childhood education. With their dedication to early learning and the expansion of our Pre-K classes, Grenada School District is thrilled to see the increase scores. Marjorie Hughes, President of the School Board, said, "Pre-K education has a direct impact academically on our students. The hard work of our pre-kindergarten and kindergarten teachers and assistants is to be praised. Educating our youngest citizens is important to the future of Grenada. Education is one of the fundamental factors for economic development because students graduate and enter the workforce in Grenada prepared."

The Kindergarten Readiness Assessment evaluates early literacy skills, such as the ability to recognize letters and match letters to their sounds and a student's recognition that print flows from left to right. It is also utilized to measure how well Pre-K programs prepare four-year-old children to be ready for kindergarten.

MDE stated, "Research from a four-year study shows that 85 percent of students at the beginning of kindergarten with a score of 530 or above on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment are on track to become proficient readers by the end of 3rd grade."

"A strong education system is vitally important to every community. The investment in prekindergarten education today has the potential to pay huge dividends through improvement of a child's school readiness and ultimate school performance, which leads to fewer grade retentions, fewer referrals to special education, and fewer high school dropouts," said Dr. David Daigneault.

Each year, kindergarten students take the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment in the fall. Grenada School District has in the past scored at or below the state average. However, with implementing Grenada Early Learning Collaborative pre-k program, kindergarten students are now scoring an average of 30 points higher.

Grenada School District looks forward to continuing to grow the program to meet the needs of the students in Grenada, Mississippi. Grenada School District strongly believes in early childhood education. Grenada School District's goal is for all pre-k students to enter kindergarten at an early kindergarten level or above, quickly advancing students towards reading and reaching their dreams!