GES Teacher Shares Reading Strategies

Debbie Hutchins, (left) K-1 looping teacher at Grenada Elementary School, recently had one of her instructional methods published in The Mailbox, a magazine for teachers. Hutchins was surprised to hear that her submission made it into print. She explained, “I saw online that they were looking for classroom tools for reading, so I thought that I would share one of my favorite phonics techniques.” Soon after, Hutchins received the news that her idea made it into the December-January issue of the magazine.
Lynne Marascalco, (right) K-3 librarian described The Mailbox as a very popular resource for elementary teachers that contains practical tips for classroom use. She said, “It’s exciting to see the name of one of our own in such a well-known publication.”

Debbie Hutchins and Librarian Lynne Marascalco