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Grades Pre-K-1 • 662-226-8900
Grades 2-3 • 662-226-2584

Principal: Cole Surrell
Assistant Principals: Dawn Walls, Reginald Herrington

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GES Red Top
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Nestled in a serene, woodsy landscape, the Grenada Elementary School Red Top is surrounded by thirty acres. Nature trails lead from the rear of campus to an open-air pavilion that can be used as an outdoor classroom or picnic area. The school, however, is easily accessible by a four-lane highway on the perimeter of the campus. Passage in and around the school is convenient, safe, and efficient.

Enthusiasm for learning is a priority of Grenada Elementary School-Red Top (GESRT) which houses over 1,600 students in kindergarten through third grade. Faculty and staff promote high expectations and provide a positive and motivating environment in which children can realize their potential as dynamic, self-confident learners.

A group of teachers, parents, and administrators collaborated to meet the unique needs of younger students, resulting in the design of the 130,000 square foot Grenada Elementary School. Our state-of-the art facility contains 83 classrooms, a play gymnasium, a modern kitchen and cafetorium, two music rooms, three art rooms, five computer labs, and a media center/library.

Three girls in media center
Each of the five computer labs within GESRT includes 25 student workstations, a teacher station, and a Smartboard presentation system. Basic keyboard skills and responsible, safe internet navigation are emphasized to integrate technology literacy within the curriculum. Internet based and classroom instructional programs are designed to meet the benchmarks of the state tests, enabling students to achieve success in each area of study. The media center/library is a spacious facility containing 15,400 titles of fiction, non-fiction, and reference materials. It also houses professional materials, teaching units, read-a-long vhs/dvds, audio visuals, and the Accelerated Reading program that enables students to read and test on over 57,000 teacher-selected books.

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GES Red Top
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Kindergarten, a program designed to capitalize on a child’s natural inclination to play, is a time of exploring and experimenting, of making new friends and having new experiences. It is the stepping stone toward creating dreams for the future. The children manipulate materials, experiment, explore projects, interact with and stretch their imaginations, and enhance their awareness of the environment.
First grade continues to broaden the imagination and skills of the younger learner. As the child develops communication and cognitive abilities, the units of study are designed to reflect these changes. Reading opens new vistas through vocabulary acquisition, word attack skills, and comprehension. Readiness skills prepare the beginning reader for advanced materials. Math is introduced utilizing everyday items using a variety of manipulative and visual aids, making the basic concepts of addition and subtraction an integral part of the curriculum.

Second and third grade students continue their educational quests in an atmosphere that accommodates the needs of the individual. These children broaden their expertise in math, reading, and science through listening and manipulative activities. The world of books reveals unique perspectives for the youngster. Growing in reading and comprehension mastery enables the child to explore diverse areas. Math and science instruction explains the “how and why” of concepts and enables the student to further explore the environment. There are three classroom placement options:

-Single-Age is the traditional class setting where students move from one grade level to the next. Each year they are instructed by a different teacher.

-**Multi-age groupings are available in K-1grades. Reporting is on a nine-week basis with examples of student work and progress report assessing grade-level student skills. Reading is taught with literature-based thematic units complete with paperback books and manuals that have comprehension questions and language/grammar activities. The Saxon program provides 2-year math instruction. Assessment of grade level skills is ongoing.

-**Looping, a two-year program, allows students to advance from one grade level to the next while keeping the same teacher, eliminating adjustments at the beginning of the second year, providing stability and building a sense of community. It is a nine-week graded curriculum based on the skills of the State’s College and Career Readiness Standards.

**Parents who want to enroll their child in Multi-age or Looping must make a request at time of registration