Discovery Lab located within GUES 500 Pender Drive

Discovery Lab

The math/science focus of the Discovery Lab gives Grenada Upper Elementary School students opportunities for hands-on experiments and explorations. The activities and experiments conducted in the Lab correlate with the math/science curriculum frameworks of the State of Mississippi and the National Science Education Standards. The Lab integrates these concepts into the learning activities and incorporates technology, graphing, and measurement into the instructional process.

The Discovery Lab follows four units each year which are used school wide in every classroom. Following the purpose and goals of The Common Core Standards students at GUES will feel the connection of learning as they travel to their classrooms, special activities and the Discovery Lab.

The Discovery Lab was paritally funded by a Comprehensive School Reform Demonstration grant, using the Galaxy Model, which provided taped video science "field trips," lesson outlines, lab tables, computers, and science equipment. Hightower Oil Company also made contributions to the Lab.

In the Grenada Upper Elementary Math/Science Discovery Lab, all hands-on experiments begin by taking what the student knows and expanding upon it. Difficult science concepts such as density of liquids are more easily understood using a bottle of vinegar and oil-based salad dressing.

The Discovery Lab received a 2001 Award for Excellence from the Public Education of Mississippi. The Math/Science Discovery Lab was one of eleven programs chosen for 2001 recognition.

Student holding model of a bug