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Discovery Lab Students Learn About Mississippi Native Animals

By Melody Shaw
Discovery Lab Teacher

The students at GUES recently participated in a two day program hosted by the Discovery Lab and The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science (MMNS). Each day four programs occurred, giving the students a smaller setting to allow a closer look at the GO WILD program.
The program was led by Jennifer Holcomb from the outreach department at MMNS. The students learned about animals that are native to Mississippi including the black bear, white tailed deer, skunk, beaver, bobcat, red fox, alligator and corn snake. The students looked at the skins or fur from these animals, as well as, the skull of a bobcat. What the students found most exciting was the opportunity to see and pet a corn snake or a baby alligator.
Mrs. Holcomb spent time talking about each animal and how these animals hunt and protect themselves. She covered adaptations and focused on the physical and behavioral adaptions of each animal.

Following this event the Discov-ery Lab used two different kits from the MMNS containing real specimens and resources for the teacher to use in the classroom. The two kits that the Discovery Lab used were the mammal skull kit and the black bear kit.
During the second nine weeks GUES students have focused on Life Science, therefore, the Go Wild program and the kits have added extra opportunities for animals in our state.
The Mississippi Museum of Natural Science welcomes individuals and classes to visit to gain even more access to the options offered. The outreach program works very hard to travel throughout the state presenting programs and classroom lessons with schools.
Discovery Lab students examine specimens

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