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Where can you learn skills that will last for a lifetime?  The Grenada Career & Technical Center offers eight programs in which students can learn valuable skills necessary for entry-level employment or further specialty study. Director of the Career and Technical Center Dr. Cliff Craven states, “Our vision for the 2011-2012 school year is to provide all of our Career and Technical students with the opportunity for academic success and hands-on training in their chosen field of endeavor.  All programs have transitioned into the New Pathway Curriculum, a more rigorous and relevant design tailored to today’s world-wide market.”

Health Sciences is a pathway of courses for students that includes classroom and hands-on experiences that provides an overview of the healthcare field. These studies prepare students for healthcare careers predicted to have a high number of available jobs in the next 10 years.

Automotive Service is a curriculum emphasizing industry-based content with lecture and lab activities including study in engines, ignitions, cooling systems, wheel alignment, brakes, electrical systems, air conditioning, drive ability and trouble-shooting for automotive performance, and tool/equipment identification and use.

Construction is an instructional pathway that prepares students for employment or continued education in the occupation of carpentry. This is a basic course teaching fundamentals of safety, tools, math, and wood-working skills.

Marketing and Economics offers instruction in marketing skills and related sales operations in retailing.  The program provides a foundation of skills and knowledge related to basic principles of marketing and related economic fundamentals.

Horticulture provides students with instruction in propagation, greenhouse production of flowers and plants, landscape design, and floriculture. Students gain competence in the various aspects of horticulture through hands-on and classroom activities that increase skills in the successful production of flowers, plants, and vegetables.

Welding is an instructional pathway that prepares students for employment or continued education in a variety of businesses including shipbuilding, petroleum pipelines, automotive manufacturing, and other metal fabrication companies.  Training on state-of-the-art equipment found in metal fabrication businesses throughout the world is an essential part of this program.

Information Technology is designed to provide the basic foundation, skills, and knowledge for computer networking, applications, and an introduction to programming. Students will develop the skills necessary to prepare for certification exams and will learn how to develop, support, and integrate computing systems.

The Career Pathways Experience class provides the students with knowledge and skills to apply and test in the workplace.  The CPE course allows students to explore career options, enhance community leadership, learn problem-solving skills, apply academic skills through application in authentic work situations, and contribute to community economic development.

Over 350 GHS students participate in the programs of the Career and Technical Center each year.  Dr. Craven sets the direction for the new academic year, “We are excited about providing our students with the opportunity to be successful in the highly technological environment of the 21st Century Workplace.”

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