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Students Tour Body Walk Program

During the September Body Walk Program, almost 1,000 students in the 3rd, 4th and 5th grades from Grenada Elementary and Grenada Upper Elementary took part in a fun tour through parts of the body and learned healthy choices. Body Walk is operated by the Mississippi State University Extension Service and is brought to the schools every other year by local Grenada 4-H Agent Jan Walton.
“Body Walk is a wonderful way for students to have fun learning about health, nutrition and physical activity,” said Jan Walton. “The program teaches them how to make healthy choices and how to remain healthy throughout their lives.”
The program features a nine step tour of the body from the brain to the mouth, stomach, small intestine, heart, lungs, bones, muscles and skin. The primary focus of the Body Walk program is to address increasing national concerns about the lack of physical activity and the declining nutritional status of young children.

When students start the tour, they are seated in what looks like a head and learn about the brain and what it needs to work properly. They receive a bookmark with a vitamin that can be used while on the tour. The students enter into the mouth and have a seat on a tooth. After learning about the teeth they journey to the stomach and then are squeezed through the intestines. After the intestines the students learn about the heart, lungs, bones, muscles, and skin while advancing through the rest of the Body Walk.
“The Body Walk is a wonderful opportunity for our students! We are so thankful to have MSU and Jan Walton working with us,” stated Melody Shaw, GUES Discovery Lab Director.
The nursing students from Holmes Community College Practical Nurse Program in Grenada helped to make Body Walk a success by assisting with lessons along the walk. “We cannot thank them enough for working very hard all week to educate our students on a healthy lifestyle and parts of the body. We also would like to thank Grocery Basket and the GUES PTO for providing snacks and lunch each day for our volunteers.”
Body Walk will be back at GUES in 2014 as part of its rotation. Photos of all the classes that attended Body Walk can be found on the GUES website-www.grenadaupper.org.
Body Walk Participants
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